Cultivating Effective Leadership Through Experience and Reflection: Dr. Jonathan Lotson

Even as a young child, effective leadership was always present in Jonathan Lotson’s life.

With his great uncle’s dedication as a minister, Jonathan grew up in a family deeply ingrained within the Church. Being around so many strong and outspoken leaders caused Jonathan to develop his own affinity for ministry and leadership early on. Yet, growing up alongside other kids his age with different aspirations, Jonathan kept passion for ministry in the secondary and began pursuing his musical talent. Much later, with a degree in Professional Music from Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts in hand, Jonathan had already begun to feel the professional call back to ministry in the way that he had always thrived in as a child. Soon, Jonathan would have his Master of Divinity degree from the C.H. Mason Seminary at the Interdenominational Theological Center in Atlanta, GA and a doctorate in Strategic Leadership with a concentration in Ecclesial Leadership from Regent University in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Through these experiences he developed into a successful minister, author, life coach, and expert in leadership development.

As an ordained minister, doctor in leadership, and life coach, Dr. Jonathan Lotson now works frequently with others in developing their own personal leadership abilities. Though there are many essential qualities that all people should recognize in leadership, he understands that the best way to further develop leadership for the individual is to personalize the process as much as possible. Every leader has their own particular tools around them, and utilizing those unique elements to their fullest potential empowers effective leadership to exist tailored to their situation.

Jonathan sees the necessity in cultivating and applying transferable skills that leaders can share to inspire growth in others. Doing this, while walking alongside them on their leadership journey, allows Jonathan to absorb a diverse breadth of knowledge, furthering his own understanding of leadership development. He encourages all leaders to do likewise, creating dialog with other leaders, reading about all areas of life, and constantly engaging in self development. The more perspectives you have not only allows you to better understand the ideas and inner workings of others, but also creates a stronger sense of self and a greater ability to utilize the talents at your disposal.

Jonathan holds a steadfast conviction that every person possesses great talent in one area of life or another. His main focus with his work is putting others in a position to identify and unlock that talent in a constructive and effective way. This process is built through dealing with leadership principles directly, along with self assessment, in order to identify potential innovation and deficiencies that are personally affecting you. While his own work typically deals with a one on one relationship with other leaders, he hopes that by understanding certain areas of attack when it comes to effective leadership, that others can develop and grow as leaders in their own way.

Looking back on the types of leadership successes and struggles he witnessed within these diverse environments, Jonathan began devising his own personal discoveries on what makes a successful leader, especially in the church. He devised ten areas in which effective leadership can best be developed, integrating his own experience, philosophy, and scripture into their descriptions. This effort to outline successful leadership development resulted in his book Effective Leadership: Top 10 Areas Every Christian Leader Should Consider When Moving Towards Effective Leadership.

These ten potential areas of focus outlined by Dr. Lotson represent a foundation for effective leadership accessible to those who see leadership as an area for continual growth. Along with striptural and real world references and applications of said principles, Dr. Lotson provides practical tools for all leaders to develop their talents and leadership abilities. His book can be purchased physically and digitally on Amazon. For more information on Dr. Jonathan Lotson and his leadership development services you can visit